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2019 Winter Conference

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The California Association of the Refrigeration Servcice Engineers Society received its charter on May 11th, 1946. It was presented at a Fresno California educational conference by the founding father of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, Secretary H. T. McDermott.


There were initially seven chapters with 525 members which formed the original association. Chapters participating had grown to 36 and included members from the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii as well totalling more than 2,400 members. These states together make up the membership of regions 14 and 15 of the society. 


To date, more than 56 members have served as president of CARSES. 34 outstanding members have earned the distinquished Richard J. Hill "man of the year" award. 


An active auxillary and a past presidents council exists and meets at least annually, supporting educational and social activities of the organization. CARSES hosts educational programs typically two to three times annually, skipping the summer months of course!


Chapters host monthly educational meetings, training courses, and offer EPA, NATE, and internal certification testing to further technicians in their craft!



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